CEO/COO Interim Leadership

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CEO / COO Interim Leadership

Tara Jayde Capital Partners provides executive management leadership to help our business partners achieve increased profitability.  We collaborate with the Executive Team to develop an operating plan with clear objectives, strategies and initiatives coupled with key performance indicators to ensure execution of the plan. Our priority at Tara Jayde Capital Partners is to assist our business partners in building the foundation for success and execute for desired results.  

The organizational fitness assessment framework is developed along with the Executive Team so the management of

the company “buys” into the ownership of the plan. 

In the role of Interim Leadership, we define and execute profitable business strategies around people, processes and tools. We manage business operations to optimize financial performance which leads to sustainable profitability and company efficiency.  We implement the following tools of success:

Strategic Planning Processes

  • Refine or establish strategic planning processes and help executives lead with and communicate a clear vision
    and strategic direction.

Business Plan and Key Performance Indicators

  • Focus on key business drivers including but not limited to shareholder value, customer satisfaction, quality,
    employee development, infrastructure efficiencies and effective leadership to significantly improve profit margins. 

Execution, The Discipline of Getting Stuff Done

  • Target key business processes for redesign and develop rapid improvements leading to increased profit margins
    and help clients execute to short term, measurable goals that support long-range plans.

Performance Management

  • Manage change through rigorous performance metrics and quantify measures of success; integrate accountability, reward and recognition, and effective review processes to sustain a successful performing team.

Leadership and Executive Success Factors

  • Transforming the organization is the most critical factor in moving an organization towards its new direction.
    ​This means that the leadership of the business must create an environment that supports innovation, continuous improvement and risk taking to champion breakthrough ideas and initiatives.  

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