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Kid Ventures is a concept of boutique-style indoor "edutainment" centers for young children offering fun, education-themed experiences with a café and wifi area for parents.  There are currently two locations in Rancho Bernardo and Eastlake, with a third to open in December at Liberty Station in Point Loma.  The locations are designed to enhance the educational learning skills of children ages one to eight, as well as offering a creative, safe, and fun location for families to enjoy. 

Voted "Best Birthday Party Venue", "Best Kid-Friendly Coffee Shop", & "Best Indoor Enrichment Center" for 4 years in a row by San Diego Family Magazine, Kid Ventures continues to lead the way in the rapidly expanding child enrichment & family entertainment industry.  Entrepreneur Magazine ranked the "children'' category as one of the top 4 fastest growing franchise segments and Kid Ventures is well positioned to capitalize on this growth.

In early 2014, Bill Parker began an organizational fitness review of Kid Ventures which led to months of strategic, operational, and financial planning that resulted in his appointment as Chief Operating Officer and the decision to rapidly expand the company from a regional player to its next step of logical growth and profitability.  An Investment Business Plan and Private Placement Memorandum were developed, and Kid Ventures will offer its first round of capital formation to fuel growth, facilitated by the crowd funding platform of CircleUp Network, Inc. ( ), launching a proprietary $2M capital raise beginning the last week of August 2014.  This will enable Kid Ventures to expand its operations to more than 7 locations over the next 18 months.  Bill's extensive business expertise was crucial to formulating the organizational fitness plan that led to this rapid expansion becoming a reality.

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Client Success

Cosmetics Company in Southern California

The company’s CPA firm completed yearend financial statements for a cosmetics company that produced high quality products for popular brands in addition to its own proprietary brands. The company had experienced a large loss on sizeable revenues and was in a cash strapped position. Without a restructuring of business processes, practices and the financial position of the company, its survival as an ongoing entity was in jeopardy. Tara Jayde Capital Partners implemented its time tested organizational fitness assessment planning process that focused on several critical issues:

  • The company’s business plan had not been developed
  • Value proposition had not been clearly defined in a crowded competitive market
  • Manufacturing processes were not fully integrated with the financial management of the company which impacted purchasing which ultimately affected product deliveries to customers
  • The company was highly leveraged and behind in its payments to suppliers, financial institutions and other industry sources  
  • Management did not have clear direction on key performance indicators or company strategy    
  • Organization was not aligned around company goals and functioned in division silos


Tara Jayde Capital Partners established a high sense of urgency with the management team through a series of workshops and intense evaluation of every process, practice and procedure that was preventing the company from performing. The critical issues that were identified as major roadblocks to company performance were:

  • The company needed external accounting assistance and reporting disciplines to assist with its internal financial management which enabled it to become compliant with GAAP procedures.
  • It was essential that the balance sheet was restructured so the negative net worth of the company could be enhanced; without the restructuring, external capital could not be attracted to shore up the company’s financial position.
  • Information technology was used to integrate manufacturing, purchasing, financial planning, customer demand, supply chain management and delivery requirements and sales velocity to ensure on time deliveries to customer. This was vital in managing the company’s precious asset, cash.   


In less than six months, the company was able to improve its operating performance by instituting the following measures:     

  • Investors attracted to the business and invested $1.0M in working capital
  • Executed a debt workout with a large bank resulting in a 50% reduction in debt
  • Negative net worth improved to $2.5M from negative ($1.0M) within six months
  • $1.0M order backlog turned into revenue increases of 15%
  • Operating loss reduced to ($.2K) from ($1.2M) within six months
  • Executed a debt to equity transaction – improving the balance sheet
  • Revenue grew by 15% after the infusion of capital enabled the company to purchase critical  ingredients to produce the products for its customers


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