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How We Assist Emerging Growth Companies from Innovation to Real Life Execution

The entrepreneurs and innovators of early stage companies have spent an inordinate amount of time with the vision and design of their business concept, product and competitive advantage. Unfortunately, the path from innovation and new

ideas is fraught with peril and unless the entire package of organizational fitness elements of the business are put into place, the path from early stage to growth can become a difficult one.  

At Tara Jayde Capital Partners, our experienced team begins the conversation with the business plan, which is typically focused on the actions and investments necessary to generate income from a specific program or service. A business plan includes information about an organization’s products, programs and services along with the competitive environment

and revenue assumptions. The business plan is typically focused on the actions and investments necessary to generate income from a specific program or service.

We then move to the Value Proposition, which is a business or marketing statement about why the consumer should use your product. The next step in the process is to develop a BHAG {Big Hairy Audacious Goal} or grand statement about a

long-term vision that gets the organization excited.

One of the critical components of an early stage company is the Competitive Advantage segment of the plan; has the

strategic advantage one business entity has over its rival entities within its competitive industry been discussed at length

and in depth to ensure executing a winning game plan?

Habits, Beliefs and Behaviors

Business owners are wired to be committed, passionate, product design oriented, obsessive and want to win. These are admirable traits when a company is in its infancy, however, as the company develops and gains access to the market in which it will ultimately compete, new behaviors must be developed. At Tara Jayde Capital Partners, we believe a new model must be put into place to ensure the success of the new entity.

Values of the Company

Strategy, Master Game Plan

  • Environment—competitors, consumers, economy and technology
  • Structure—communications, responsibility and authority; who owns it?
  • Systems—people, information systems, how does work get done
  • Management style---pacesetter, coach, democratic, affiliative, cohesive or authoritative

All of these elements are essential to the cosmic makeup of the firm; unless they are molded into a cohesive manner,

danger lurks at every turn. The behaviors that helped get a company launch will not sustain the company as it moves

from infancy to early stage to growth.        

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Growth Plans for Early Stage Companies