Organizational Fitness

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Strategy and Objectives: How Competitive Advantage Will be Achieved

Skills and Capabilities: Competence of the Organization

Structure: Roles, Responsibilities and Reporting Relationships

Systems: Processes, Best Practices and Procedures

Style of Leader: The Behavior of the Leader and Top Team

Staff: People and their Background {the DNA of the Organization}

Shared Values: Habits, Beliefs and Behaviors of the Organization {Culture}  

Organizational Fitness Assessments

We develop and execute Organizational Fitness Assessment Plans for companies and organizations to determine how to improve revenues, business valuations, and operating results.  With the goal of reviewing the health of your operations,

and creating a road map for success, our assessment will develop an in-depth analysis that will lead to:

  • Fully engaging with the management team in an integrative way to understand their competencies
    ​and skills and how they will contribute to success
  • Gaining an understanding of how key value drivers are functioning
  • Developing recommendations for corrective action and strategic and operational planning
  • Creating a rapid improvement plan detailing immediate needs (action plan)
  • Identifying revenue-growth opportunities

Includes a Comprehensive Review of:

  • Business Operations
  • Revenue Generation and Gross Margin Factors
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Environmental challenges
  • Personnel Capabilities
  • Growth Strategy
  • Execution Plans
  • Business Trends

Organizational Fitness

What Will Lead to Sustainable Financial Success and Value Creation?

Building Organizational Fitness is a Disciplined and Time Tested Management Process that Accomplishes 

Three Fundamental Tasks:

  1. Development of a compelling and coherent statement of business and organizational direction
  2. Creation of a broadly validated diagnosis of the current state of the company
  3. Agreement on the actions needed to execute the plan and deliver results

The Organizational Fitness Assessment is Designed Around Seven Capabilities: 

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