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Tara Jayde Capital Partners can assist middle market private equity firms with value creating strategies that build better returns on invested capital which improves the multiple of earnings. 

Operational and business due diligence on prospective acquisitions of new companies ensures sustained financial performance.  We assist investors with time tested methodologies that make better deal decisions by assessing performance improvement opportunities and providing a post-acquisition game plan to align the organization around an operating framework that drives sustained financial performance.

We can provide permanent and interim CEO leadership for portfolio companies that require new leadership. Utilizing our organizational fitness methodology, we can ferret out those roadblocks that are preventing the company from achieving the desired objectives outlined in the acquisition plan. 

There are a trillion dollars of “dry power” held by private equity and financial investment firms that must be put to work because of time limits on limited partner funds. As an Independent Sponsor---we are constantly on the lookout for companies that are searching for an exit strategy that may become an add-on for an existing company. We work alongside investors to develop the right investment thesis and enhance deal flow by profiling industries, screening targets and devising a plan to approach targets.

Immediately post-acquisition, we support the pursuit of rapid returns by developing a rapid and long-term sustainable plan for the acquired company. We apply our broad general management processes that align management with strategic priorities and initiatives that lead to competitive advantage in the marketplace.
We help to create and build value of portfolio companies by supporting revenue enhancement and cost reduction initiatives and refreshing their value-creation plans. In addition, we support turnarounds of underperforming, capital-constrained companies with the aim of preserving shareholder equity.

Private equity firms always have an exit in mind before acquiring a company; we operate the company for strong returns and know how to deliver value in a difficult environment. We build business processes that drive execution of the business plan with an eye on long term value creation. This ensures that the investors capital generates maximize returns which improve the multiple of earnings downstream. 

We are strong business operators with a proven track record in leading private equity portfolio companies to their next logical phase of growth. Our business operators have participated in capital formation with several private equity firms that have enabled companies to grow and flourish. We know how business owners think and gain their trust and confidence which promotes collaboration and teamwork across organizational boundaries.
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