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•    Consumer Products
•    Light Manufacturing
•    Retail 
•    Construction
•    Healthcare
•    Private Equity Portfolio companies
​•    Nonprofit Social Sector organizations

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TJCP provides extensive strategic, organizational, operational, financial, and management expertise to create opportunities for sustainability, competitive advantage and increased outreach, and most of all, increases in revenue and profits.  Our team is prepared to consult on long term planning or projects, assess your strengths, weaknesses, and competition to create an action plan, train your team for improved performance, or take a deeper dive to help you turn the organization around. Length of our services is dependent upon what you need. For nonprofit organizations, we help you determine your competitive advantage, and make short and long term plans to grow and expand your outreach. Our unique Organizational Fitness Reviews offer an in-depth look at what is working, what needs to change, and where your opportunities for growth may exist.  Organizational Fitness leads to sustained financial performance and long term sustainability.  

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